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8th Fe 11

It's 2011 already. Holy shit! Time sure does fly...
It's been silent for far too long. I think most of you guys already realized that I would never complete Super Robotnik Land II, heh, so instead of just keeping the unfinnished product to myself for the rest of my life, I'm now releasing it(4 full stages!) aswell as Morshu - The Adventure & The King is Gay, all FULLY PLAYABLE and EDITABLE (Game Maker files included for the editing). I love all the support I got from you guys, but I feel like im getting too old for this really and I got zero motivation left. But someday I might return... Might...

19th Apr 09

Some people had problems downloading the game, but I think I fixed it!

11th Apr 09

Happy birthday Super Robotnik Land!!
It's been pretty quiet from me for a while now (a whole year, lol), but I'm still working on YTP games, time to time.
Morshu the Adventure was a game I started working on a few months after Super Robotnik Land was released, but due to lack of ideas, the game slowly faded and never got finnished...
Now as a birthday treatment, you will be able to download my scrapped Morshu game
and try out the first and the only stage I finnished making.

I just want to thank everyone who have given me ideas, downloaded my game(s) and supported me! You guys are the best!! And a huge thanks to the dude that made a whole wikipedia article about the game! (but wikipedia mods deleted it the same day the article was created! :(

It can still be found here though, if anyone wants to read it.

11th Apr 08


I found a bug in the full game release...
A new download link is fixed.


The full game is now released.

Go check it out!

4th Apr 08

Sweet! I finnished making all the stages!

But. I still need a few backgrounds and modifications for the game, so I wont realease it now. But the game will come sometime in April! :).

28th Mar 08

Well, a release date have been announced, not a precise one tho.

About April-May the game should be finnished, but it can be released a bit later if we are unlucky. Why? well, I got alot of stuff going on, aswell as school is very hard and frustrating at the moment. But thanks for the all the support and nice comments! :)

18th Mar 08

IT'S OVER 1000!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought it would be this popular. Beta 4.0 have been downloaded more than 1000 times! Thanks to everyone of you!

8th Mar 08

Dezzan Is Hiring! I am looking for a person who can draw pretty good.


-So what should I do? I just need a few backgrounds for all the stages(they dont need to be so detailed)

-How do I sign up? Just send a message on Youtube to DezzanRobotnikLand and tell that you want to help :) , and you will get more instructions.

-So, what do I get out of it? Well, not cash or anything, but you will ofcourse be listed in the credit list, and the game will come a bit earlier, since there is less work for me to do then :)

Here are some stuff that will be in the full game

4th Mar 08

Beta 4.0 is now released! Aswell as a Robotnik Comercial, and this site is now in public.

Beta 4.0 will be the last beta, and I will continue making the full game alone without any new betas. But when I finally relsease the full game, I will tell you all!

Here are some stuff that will be in the full game


27th Feb 08

This Website is launched! And Dezzans Robotnik Land version 3.0 Beta is now released, and I need to take a little break from updating this game frequently :D